Course Features



Our School's curriculum is collaboratively planned and prepared by experienced teachers, along with cross-professionals such as educational psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist. Combined with school-based curriculum features and taking into account the interests and development of children, the curriculum provides them with a balanced, comprehensive and spiral-styled learning activities. The curriculum emphasizes the individuality, autonomy and spontaneity of children, encouraging them to learn from games and establish a basic ability to learn.


  • To enable children to establish learning abilities through active exploration.
  • To enable children to develop self-esteem and confidence, and establish interpersonal attitudes and abilities.
  • To enable children to establish healthy life habits, and develop coordination in their body movements, so as to improve physical health.
  • To enable children to appreciate wonderful things and touching stories, whilst expressing their emotions through different media.

Infant Section Programmes

Sensory Integration Programme

The environmental design of activity rooms is revolved around the theme of 'family', and is tailored to the experiences and needs of infants, whilst providing different sensory exploration activities and facilitating brain development of children through sensory stimulation.


We provides infant children with appropriate teaching aid and learning spaces in daily life to facilitate their fine-motor skills development and self-care abilities. Through this, infants are able to establish positive self-image, discipline and regularity.

Social & Emotional Development

The centre provides a stable environment in which infants are able to establish a sense of security, as well as abilities to observe others’ emotions and self-control, so as to achieve emotional stability and develop positive self-image.

Nursery Section Programmes

Whole-language Instruction

Children’s language learning is a natural, down-to-earth experience whereby children learn best when using language in meaningful scenarios. The centre adopts whole-language instruction, which allows children to develop ‘listening, speaking, reading, writing’ abilities in rich settings, through interesting learning activities, and by way of positive teacher and peer interactions.

Children’s Projects

We conducts children-centered, inquiry-based learning activities with children based on their abilities and interests, which allows them to explore and understand the relationships between objects, build knowledge, cultivate curiosity, establish multidimensional and logical thinking, and improve problem-solving skills through interactions with their surroundings and first-hand experiences. This will lay the foundation for their lifelong learning.

Emotional Development

We implement children’s emotional development programmes in which teachers carefully plan and arrange environments and activities based on the emotional development needs of children. This allows children to feel secure and take part in learning activities in a confident and positive manner, so as to achieve a balance between their moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.

We implements the ‘Growing up with self-esteem and confidence’  – a course that allows parents of pre-school children to better understand early childhood development, improve efficacy of parenting, and foster a family culture of children with self-esteem and confidence.

'Leap!' Body Education Prorgramme

The programme applies ‘body education’ to everyday life through dance, and systematically builds experiences of real and delicate body education in children based on their abilities and developmental needs. It combines and applies the various elements of the body – diversity, openness, richness, harmony etc. – to life and to learning.

Perceptual Motor Programme

We enable children to sharpen their sensory recognition abilities through games, with perceptual motor activities based on their developmental needs. This also helps cultivate positive emotions, improve concentration, develop motor control, establish foundational cognition and conception, as well as strengthen the confidence and independence of children.

Life Skills Training

Our School values the self-care abilities of children, and enables them to participate in various self-care activities using corners that are set up with life skills training teaching aids, so as to develop their independence and self-care.

Arts Education

In regards to arts education, our school is not foremost concerned with the honing of skills, but rather, allowing children to explore everyday objects and experience the beauty of life, which in turn becomes their inspiration for their creation and different modes of expression. In the process of creation, children are not only able to build knowledge, but also establish a positive self-image and learn to appreciate the people and things around them.

Language Enrichment Programme

We arrange for an English teacher and a Putonghua teacher to raise children’s interests and abilities in English and Mandarin through storytelling, nursery rhymes, games etc.


Our School is set up with scouts, in which children are able to, under the guidance of adults, learn and grow through interesting and inspiring activities.