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Introduction of T.W.G.Hs.
​​​​​​​Nursery School Services

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (T.W.G.Hs.) is the largest charitable organization with the longest history in Hong Kong. T.W.G.Hs. provides a wide range of services including medical, education and social welfare. Today, T.W.G.Hs. operates over 309 service centres in Hong Kong.
​​​​​​​T.W.G.Hs. started to develop day nursery services in 1968, and there have been 15 nursery schools which are registered as Non-Profit-Making Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres. Services such as long whole-day care and education services for children under the age of six, Integrated Programme and On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Services are offered for the children with special educational needs. All nursery schools are dedicated to children education according to different developmental stages. This would be beneficial to the build-up on good habits, healthy growth and positive learning attitudes as well as basic abilities of children.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To provide a safe, caring and supportive environment in which children are able to – with the caretaking and guidance of a professional staff - establish concept of self, self-esteem and learn to appreciate and accept oneself and others.
  • To provide a diverse, creative and challenging curriculum that helps children develop socially, intellectually, physically, emotionally, aesthetically and creatively.
  • To provide a balanced diet, cultivate good daily habits and self-care skills, and facilitate the healthy growth of children.
  • To prepare children for their transition to primary school life.
  • To help parents solve issues regarding education and childcare and allow them to go to work with a peace of mind; to provide parental education for parents and collaboratively strive for the development of children.

School Features

  • The infant section and nursery section provide childcare and educational services for children aged 0-6.
  • We respect the uniqueness of children, develop them in accordance to their nature and aptitudes, and allow them to grow and develop in a loving environment.
  • We value the setting of the learning environment, provide rich and diverse learning environments while cultivating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and stimulating the autonomous and holistic development of children. Our school uses ‘Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale’ to continuously assess the environment and ensure its quality of service. We also value the self-care skills of children. In order to provide authentic scenarios for children, they learn to take care of themselves, others and their surroundings through conducting daily activities and operating life teaching aids.
  • We advocate for the involvement of families as part of education by arranging regular parents’ meetings, talks for parents, guidance groups, individual conversations, newsletters for parents. We encourage parents to take part in kindergarten activities and provide parents to with relevant support regarding early childhood education in hopes of improving the efficacy of parenting.

School Facilities

Our school covers an area of around 600 square meters, with the infant section equipped with two living rooms and milk preparation rooms and the nursery section equipped with four activity rooms. Other shared facilities include physical activity room, music room, kitchen, laundry room and children’s bathroom.

The environmental design and teaching materials of the infant section is tailored to and regularly updated with consideration to the experiences and security of infant children; to facilitate their brain development and basic learning abilities through sensory exploration.

The activity rooms of the nursery section consists of a range of corners, including the learning corner, language corner, arts and crafts corner, book corner, nature corner, teaching material corner, toy corner, musical and physical activity equipment etc. to cultivate active learning and develop the children’s potential.

Teaching Team

The school’s principal and teachers are professionally qualified and are all passionate, ambitious and responsible educators. The organisation employs an education psychologist and a curriculum director that provide professional consultation and training for our school. In addition, a registered social worker, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist are available to provide professional support for children and parents.

Based the development of the kindergarten and the needs of children, the school helps its teachers understand the recent trends of pre-primary education and the developmental needs of children through professional training, school-based training and Education Bureau courses, so as to elevate professional standards and fulfill promises of quality service.

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